United States District Court
Southern District of Texas
Schedule for 12/07/2021
(Last updated: 12/06/2021 at 11:30)
Date Time Location Case Style Setting
Keith P Ellison
12/07/2021 09:00 AM Courtroom 3A Houston 4:19-cr-00838-1 USA v. Nathaniel Weathers Sentencing
12/07/2021 10:30 AM Courtroom 3A Houston 4:18-cr-00714-1 USA v. Jose M Valencia Sentencing
12/07/2021 10:30 AM Courtroom 3A Houston 4:20-cr-00445-2 USA v. Gerald Deandre Smith Sentencing
12/07/2021 11:30 AM by telephone 4:21-cv-01842 JSW Steel (USA) Inc. v. Nucor Corp. et al Motion Hearing
12/07/2021 02:00 PM by telephone 4:20-cv-03399 Lohr v. Express Jet Airlines, Inc Status Conference
12/07/2021 02:30 PM by video 4:18-cv-04678 In re: M/V Yochow Motion Hearing
Charles Eskridge
12/07/2021 10:30 AM Courtroom 8B 4:18-cv-03543 Greenspoint Hospitality, L.P. v. Omni Construction Company, Inc. et al Motion Hearing
12/07/2021 01:30 PM Courtroom 8B 4:20-cr-00496-1 USA v. Everett Jackson Sentencing
George C Hanks Jr
12/07/2021 10:00 AM Courtroom 600 in Houston 4:21-cr-00381-1 USA v. Froylan Negrete-Ledesma Sentencing
12/07/2021 10:30 AM Courtroom 600 in Houston 4:21-cr-00217-1 USA v. Benjamin Balderas-Barron Sentencing
12/07/2021 10:45 AM Courtroom 600 in Houston 4:21-cr-00283-1 USA v. Danyale L Robinson Sentencing
12/07/2021 02:00 PM Courtroom 600 in Houston 4:21-cr-00018-1 USA v. Jessica Lynn Woods Sentencing
12/07/2021 02:00 PM Courtroom 600 in Houston 4:21-cr-00018-2 USA v. Adam Jason Butler Sentencing
12/07/2021 02:30 PM Courtroom 600 in Houston 4:21-cr-00521-1 USA v. Abduladel Abdulrazzak Re-Arraignment Hearing
12/07/2021 03:00 PM Courtroom 600 in Houston 4:21-cr-00211-1 USA v. Jelston Mascarenhas Re-Arraignment Hearing
Lynn N Hughes
12/07/2021 10:30 AM Courtroom 11C 4:21-cr-00445-2 USA v. Roel Gonzalez Hearing
12/07/2021 02:00 PM Courtroom 11C 4:21-cr-00492 USA v. Toan T Tran Rearraignment
Lee H Rosenthal
12/07/2021 09:00 AM Courtroom 11B 4:19-cv-04314 Laurence v. Liberty Insurance Corporation et al Jury Trial
Peter Bray
12/07/2021 01:00 PM by video 4:20-cv-02123 DynaEnergetics Europe GmbH et al v. Hunting Titan, Inc. Motion Hearing
12/07/2021 04:00 PM by video 4:20-cv-02717 Federal Trade Commission v. ZAAPPAAZ, LLC et al Telephone Conference
12/07/2021 04:15 PM Courtroom 703 4:21-cv-02214 Valdivieso v. Southern Cat, Inc. et al Motion Hearing
Christina A Bryan
12/07/2021 10:00 AM Courtroom 701 4:21-cr-00461-1 USA v. Jordan Allen (FDC USM BRING TO COURTROOM) Detention Hearing
12/07/2021 11:30 AM Courtroom 701 4:21-mj-02548-1 USA v. Robert Paul Houston (FDC USM BRING TO COURTROOM) Prelim Exam and Detention Hrg
12/07/2021 01:00 PM by video 4:21-cr-00478-1 USA v. Manuel Torres-Gaitan (JOE CORLEY ZOOM) Arraignment
12/07/2021 01:00 PM by video 4:21-cr-00478-2 USA v. Albert Mata (JOE CORLEY ZOOM) Arraignment
12/07/2021 01:00 PM by video 4:21-cr-00557-1 USA v. Steven Christopher Baca (JOE CORLEY ZOOM) Arraignment
12/07/2021 02:00 PM Courtroom 701 4:09-cr-00668-3 USA v. Jose Manuel Santos Initial Appearance
12/07/2021 02:00 PM Courtroom 701 4:21-cr-00478-3 USA v. Marvin Martinez-Castro (FDC USM BRING DEFT TO COURTROOM) Arraignment
Andrew M Edison
12/07/2021 09:00 AM by video 3:21-cv-00158 Terrance Moton v. Sunbelt Rentals, Inc. Mediation
12/07/2021 01:00 PM by video 3:21-cv-00159 Roderick White v. Sunbelt Rentals, Inc. Mediation
12/07/2021 04:00 PM by video 3:20-cv-00099 Daywalker v. University of Texas Medical Branch et al Status Conference
Sam S Sheldon
12/07/2021 09:00 AM by video 4:16-cv-02712 Ashe-Lilly v. B.G. Property Management, LLC Settlement Conference
12/07/2021 01:30 PM by video 4:21-cr-00471-1 USA v. Gerardo Antonio Espinoza Ruiz (Joe Corley) Re-Arraignment Hearing